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NoteRouter makes associations look amazing to their members. Power up your organization with incredible engagement and support via email and text to give every member a modern, personal, and memorable membership experience from the day they join. Ready to learn how organizations everywhere are using NoteRouter to become invaluable?

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It's time to modernize your member engagement.

NoteRouter is the all-in-one email + texting membership experience platform designed for associations. NoteRouter syncs with your membership database to make communication and support to members easier and more effective than ever, all while saving time for the unsung heroes of advocacy: staff teams.

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Achieve record-high engagement levels

Unlock more interaction and participation from your members (and nonmembers) by delivering meaningful content via email and two-way texting in a way that makes you look more relevant than ever.

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Save time and put some calm back in your day

You have enough on your plate. NoteRouter's automation and association-focused design means unlocking more hours in your day. NoteRouter's available AMS syncing also means never having to manage your member data in two places again.

Take advantage of our powerful AMS integrations:

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You advocate for your members. Let us advocate for you.

NoteRouter educates members and nonmembers on your value while giving them more choices and clearer voices. Discover what members and nonmembers need most from you and deliver your value in exciting new ways.

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Designed specifically for associations

That means we love staff, leadership, and membership alike.

NoteRouter Features

A platform that knows your people like you do

Track and target various segments of members and nonmembers with ease. Then show off their record engagement to your stakeholders with NoteRouter's powerful analytics.

Give members meaningful choices and voices

NoteRouter automatically communicates with each member in the way they like best. Whether they prefer email or texting, every member will be uniquely served (which means you will be, too.)

An easy platform that creates beautiful content

Use NoteRouter's eye-catching templates to capture more attention, or easily create your own! Built-in video, GIFs, and stock imagery will make your outreach stand out in new ways.

Powering communication to 650,000+ association members in North America

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We have worked with NoteRouter since late 2020, and as a result have completely changed the way we communicate with our members. Founder Nick Gough is visionary, and has remarkable insight into the challenges REALTOR Associations have in reaching members in an impactful and meaningful way.
The result of his team's work is the delivery of powerful tools that allow us to target communications and topics that our members want to digest, and the ability to create dynamic, creative designs that prompt engagement. The analytics dashboard provides detailed feedback on the success of each campaign, and validates the success of using this product.

Ginny Haralson,
Chief Strategy & HR Officer
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NoteRouter has been an amazing asset for our team’s marketing strategies. The ability to easily target audiences allows us to personally identify with our network in ways we never have before! In addition, the platform’s seamless synchronization with our internal database makes contact management a breeze!

Anne Luckey,
Communications Specialist
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Our open/engagement rate of our newsletters have tripled since adoption. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at NoteRouter. Their ability to develop a product that will seamlessly sync with our membership system as well as the ability to easily create emails and text alerts to our membership have been very instrumental in allowing us to provide content that is widely viewed among our members.

Josh Grant,
Director of Technology
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NoteRouter's deep integration with our membership database has made target emails so much easier. Creating groups and subgroups is a breeze. Not having to import and update our member roster constantly because of the integration with our membership database is worth EVERYTHING! Being able to track the analytics of each email and our communications overall has improved our member communications in general.

Cynthia Walsh,
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Not only does NoteRouter continually improve its interface and service offerings, it is a vital tool to our business. They also offer, hands-down, the best, most responsive customer service I have ever experienced from a service provider. It's hard to say you can depend on many things these days, but NoteRouter is at or near the top of my list, and I'm not being hyperbolic.

Samantha Krahn,
Director of Government & External Relations
Pasadena Foothills Realtors

When we first decided to give NoteRouter a try I was very excited to see how this membership based platform would work in real life. It's been amazing! Communication with our members has become so much easier and effective. Such a time saver, and very user friendly! I also love the text option, which our members can now choose instead of receiving an email. As we stay with NoteRouter, I can still say I'm equally as interested as to how NoteRouter will continue developing their platform to assist us in providing top customer service and communications with our members. Thank you, NoteRouter!

Monica Marino,
Accounting and Compliance Specialist
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NoteRouter was founded in 2018 with the mission of Reconnecting Real Estate by Nick Gough. Prior to founding NoteRouter, Nick led a real estate business while also serving in leadership roles with several associations. Nick worked alongside passionate staff teams to improve member engagement at local, regional and state levels. Working on improving membership experiences turned into a drive to help all associations connect with their members in a more meaningful way, and that drive turned into a company on a mission: NoteRouter.

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